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  • Pay monthly 1 month
  • Pay half-yearly
    6 months -5%
  • Pay yearly 1 year -10%
Number of new messages
per month

Number of new messages
per month

The number of messages in the account for the current month mentioning the monitored items. Deleted topics and messages are included in the limits. Messages collected in previous months are counted additionally — in the archive collection limits.
Number of topics

Number of topics

A topic is a feed of messages with mentions of the monitored item, as well as a set of all automatic reports, information on the authors and other details on the monitored item. We recommend creating a separate topic for each item. If you want to track mentions of your brand and two competitors, you will need 3 topics.


Sources are social networks, blogs, forums, feedback boards, marketplaces, map services, mobile app stores, Telegram channels and chats, online mass media, federal and regional print media, transcripts of TV shows and radio broadcasts.
Depth of archive collection

Depth of archive collection

Depth of archive collection is a period preceding the current date, available for retrospective collection. If you need a collection with a depth of more than a year, you can order it for an extra fee.
Number of archive messages per month / number of requests to the archive

Number of archive messages per month

Overall number of messages downloaded from the annual archive in a month. Uploaded in addition to the new messages collected during the current report period and are not included in the limits for the new messages collection. Messages from current report period downloaded via archive data collection are included both in the account limits and archive data collection limits. If you need an additional data collection, you can order it for an extra fee.


Integrations allow sending data from Brand Analytics to corporate systems, thus automating the client messages processing and teamwork. Integration with the following services is available:

  • Messenger: Telegram
  • Helpdesk systems: Usedesk, Angry.Space, Freshdesk, Useresponse, HelpDeskEddy, Omnidesk, Zendesk
  • CRM: Salesforce
  • Zapier is a platform that allows you to connect more than 2,000 services: Google Sheets, Slack, Power BI, Trello, Outlook, etc.
  • Statistic API
Statistics of social media and mass media mentions of any item within a year

Statistics of social media and mass media mentions of any item within a years

The ‘Archive search for the year’ feature allows you to quickly assess the statistics of media and mass media mentions of any item over the past year without using price plan limits or incurring additional charges. Number of items is unlimited.


Aspect is a feature of a product, a brand, or a service to which the message author is expressing their attitude. For example, in a message, a user may criticise the design, but praise the prices. Brand Analytics will mark this as ‘design-negative’ and ‘price-positive’ in the message.


An ability to set the percentage of messages from the entire message stream to be included in a thread on the item. Allows for the solution of extensive tasks such as trend analysis, global phenomena or high profile events.
Number of autotags in a topic / tags in a topic

Number of autotags in a topic / tags in a topic

Tags are text marks that can be added to messages to categorise them. Tags can be added to messages in two ways — automatically by pre-set keywords or manually. Autotags are text marks assigned to a message automatically according to the search query of the tag.
Number of rules in a topic

Number of rules in a topic

Rules allow you to automate operations with the collected messages. Once you have set up the conditions you can automatically tag messages, change the tone, mark messages as ‘processed’ or delete them.
Number of channels in a topic

Number of channels in a topic

Channel is a page or card for a brand, product, company or point of sale on websites, marketplaces or geo-services where people leave feedback. Enables the data collection from sources from which it is difficult to collect data generally. Channels can also be used to receive the entire stream of messages and comments from the selected social media pages, such as own brand accounts, into a topic, regardless of whether they contain the keywords or not.
Storing messages in a topic

The specified price is valid for 100% prepayment for the selected period.
VAT exempt is availibe in case of signing a license agreement, since the Brand Analytics system is included in the Unified Register of Russian Software.

Brand Analytics features at all rates

Customer support at each price plan


Setting up the first 2 topics for monitoring


Training and advising on solving your tasks


24/7 technical support


Connecting new sources upon request: up to 10 websites per month

Additional product feature

Analytical support

RUB 30,000 per month

The service is provided during office hours by an expert analyst assigned to you in any format that is convenient for you: via messengers, phone calls, email.

To enable the service, contact your personal manager.

Complete system set-up for an efficient solving of your business tasks and consultative support in operating the system:

  • Creating and setting up topics to be monitored
  • Setting up autotags and personal filters
  • Creating subscriptions to automatic reports.
  • Creating notifications on important posts or changes in the brand information field based on objectives and KPI.
  • Setting up dashboards in Brand Visor (when using ‘Basic’ or higher rates)
  • Creating users and setting up account access levels for employees at your company.

Retrospective data collection

from RUB 15,000 for one month

To enable the service, contact your personal manager.

If you need to collect and analyse data in a greater volume and/or depth than is covered by the price plan, you can order an additional archive collection.

Cost of archive collection for one month:

  • Up to 5,000 messages per month — RUB 15,000
  • Up to 20,000 messages per month — RUB 25,000
  • Up to 100,000 messages per month — RUB 40,000

Cost for every additional 100,000 messages per month — RUB 40,000

Thus, if there are 260,000 messages to be collected in a month, the cost of such a collection will be RUB 120,000.

Streaming API

+ 100% of the rate

To enable the service, contact your personal manager.

Streaming API allows you to transfer to internal corporate systems not only analytics, but also messages and their metadata.

Streaming API is available upon request on ‘Expanded’ and higher price plan.