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Virtual AI assistant which helps improve the efficiency of social media
and mass-media data analysis

Operates on the basis of Brand Analytics
50 queries per month are available for price plans starting from "SP5"

When do you need BrandGPT?

BrandGPT helps quickly highlight important information based on social media and mass-media data collected with Brand Analytics.

What do customers like about the product?

What makes BrandGPT unique
and not "just another GPT"


BrandGPT is aware of the current information landscape and analyzes the latest data


The user receives only reliable facts that have gone through a multi-step verification process.


Trained in social media and mass-media data analytics and can draw conclusions based on specific requests from analysts and special industry terms.


Client data is kept within the Brand Analytics system infrastructure on its own servers in the company's data centers and is not transferred to third-party services.

How to use BrandGPT

Description of ready-made scenario options for analysis.

Use suggested scenarios for the analysis

  1. Set a period to work with the data.
  2. Select one of the suggested scenarios for the data analysis.
  3. BrandGPT will apply all necessary filters, highlight the main points based on the selected messages and provide examples.
  4. For further in-depth analysis, continue working in the system with the prepared data.
Example of chat communication.

Get an answer to your question

  1. Select a period and use filters to prepare the data for the analysis.
  2. Ask your question.
  3. BrandGPT will give an answer based on the selected data set and provide examples of relevant messages.


  • Is BrandGPT just another name for ChatGPT?
    Плюс Минус
    No, BrandGPT is an in-house development of Brand Analytics. It consists of pre-trained models and open source neural network layers and a layer connecting BrandGPT to Brand Analytics data.
    BrandGPT was trained on proprietary datasets of Brand Analytics data and hadles 16k tokens context.
  • Can I trust BrandGPT answers?
    Плюс Минус
    Each BrandGPT answer goes through several stages of validation. It is also backed up with examples of the messages on the basis of which the summary was made.
  • How can I get access to BrandGPT?
    Плюс Минус
    50 queries per month are available for price plans starting from "SP5".
  • Can BrandGPT come up with a response to a negative review for me?
    Плюс Минус
    BrandGPT analyzes the messages collected with Brand Analytics system and summarizes them. Using this information, you will formulate your own responses to the reviews."

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How will it go?

  • our consultant will contact you to clarify your business objectives
  • will help to set up and tune the system to suit your goals and objectives
  • will conduct a system demo
  • will be in touch for 7 days to provide help during the test period

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