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Corporate Failure Detector

Tracks massive failures in services via social media and sends a signal about the incident

Available in Brand Analytics from the SP5 price plan

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Push notification
Users often report problems with services and products on social networks before the failure is traced by internal monitoring tools. Build an extra line of control with social media analytics and get instant crash alerts.

How does the Corporate Failure Detector work?

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You create a dashboard of failures of your service or competitors.
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The system analyses the flow of messages about the service on social media and compares the dynamics with the "natural" information background.
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When the number of failure messages significantly exceeds the normal background - the Detector changes its status in the dashboard to "Failure" and sends a signal to Telegram, email or a push notification in the mobile app.
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The service dashboard shows the dynamics of reported problems, what exactly users think is not working and where the issue occurred. "Discussion Sources" and "Word Cloud" data slices provide additional information for analytics.
The detector stores the failure history for retrospective analysis.

Don`t miss the "all down" moment

The Corporate Failure Detector will alert you the moment users start actively discussing problems related to your service.
Notification will come by email, Telegram or as a push notification from the app - set it up the way you prefer.
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Monitor all services on one screen

You can monitor the failures of the services you need, your own or those of your competitors.
A single dashboard with service availability indicators is suitable for use on Situation Centers screens.
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Share data with colleaguesx

You can share the dashboard with colleagues by simply sending a link or saving it as a PDF.
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Analyze the full picture of the outage

Why choose Corporate Failure Detector

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Unique product

The only product on Russian market that detects issues by analyzing social media messages in real time.
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Additional monitoring

Corporate Failure detector dashboards can be used by support teams along with technical audits and other types of monitoring and help make services more reliable.
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Easy to use

You can set up Failure monitoring dashboards in a couple of clicks. Clear visualization allows you to analyze the situation in a split second and make decisions.


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