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Modern media monitoring

Control your reputation automatically and build an effective communications strategy.

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Available in Brand Analytics starting from the Startup+ plan

Already using:

60k+ sources

Universal media coverage: world media sources, newspapers, magazines, broadcast transcripts, TV and radio, online media, industry-specific portals, media aggregators, and more.

Real-time system

Real-time analytics — There is no need to generate a new report each time to see the latest publications or evaluate the reaction of the target audience.

24/7 media monitoring

Announcements about key media publications and a mobile app that allows you to analyze the situation and decide quickly.

Efficiency evaluation of newsworthy events

A comprehensive system for monitoring and analyzing the media and social media demonstrates how media publications have spread throughout social media and how the target audience reacts to them

Make decisions with the help of computerized analytics:

Smart alarm system

  • Highly customized notifications regarding the issuance of a publication in the media or any change in the media field.
  • Notifications in the mobile app, Telegram, or email.
Умная сигнальная система

Interactive dashboards

  • 360-degree media analytics
  • On any device: laptop, monitor, TV, smartphone
  • Quickly and individually adjusted for your requirements: ready-made templates, widgets library, choice of design color scheme.
  • Set it up all by yourself in 5 minutes
  • Unlimited number of dashboards
Интерактивные дашборды


Automatically generated stories show you an easy-to-read picture of the media field and newsworthy events that have worked out efficiently


Speakers and quotes

Always in front of you: a list of the most media speakers and viral quotes

Спикеры и цитаты

Monitor metrics and KPIs

Media presence

The transparent index shows in one figure, how well your brand is presented in the media for a selected period.


The number of links to media content published in social media. You immediately see the effectiveness of media publications.

Source audience

The media audience indicator is an indicator of the popularity of a particular publication. Available for all sources: online media, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio.

Sum audience

The sum of the audiences of all sources, where the publications you need has appeared, is an indicator of potential coverage and the effectiveness of working out a newsworthy event.

Make a report in 2 clicks

  • Automatic reports made in presentation format
  • Formed according to any analytical section
  • Unlimited downloads
  • You customize the composition of information contained in reports and newsletter distribution schedules, considering your business goals and work schedule
отчеты в 2 клика

Team up

  • Add team members to the system without any restrictions
  • Customizable access levels
  • Built-in task manager
Работа в команде

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