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Brand Analytics Certification

Brand Analytics offers a training, testing and certification program to operate the Brand Analytics system on your own.

Сертификат Brand Analytics

Brand Analytics certificates confirm that your specialists are knowledgeable in media analytics and strengthen the credibility of your professional competence. The certificate is valid for three years from date of issuance.

Brand Analytics certification will


Broaden your professional skill set


Increase your value on the job market


Increase your value within the compant

Certification exam

The exam is free of charge and may be taken by employees of companies and agencies that are customers of Brand Analytics.

There are 10 questions in the test, and you have to answer them within 30 minutes. Once the exam has been successfully passed, you will receive your personal certificate with a unique digital identifier. The certificate is sent automatically by email.

Getting ready for the exam

To pass tests successfully, you can prepare for the exam in your own with the help of our training materials.

You can receive training in working with the Brand Analytics system and preparing standard research. Training is free for Brand Analytics clients.

Training is provided online and takes 2 hours 30 minutes. During the training you will get acquainted with the system and learn how to efficiently use it. Training is held in Russian.

Brand Analytics training schedule

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