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Consent for PD processing for communication

  1. Acting freely, at my own will and in my own interest I give this Consent to "PalitrumLab" Limited Liability Company (hereinafter - the Operator), (legal address: 7, Nobelya st. (Skolkovo Innovation Center ter.), premises 47, INN (Taxpayer Identification Number) 7727796050, for the purpose of: carrying out information communication.

  2. The Operator shall be entitled to collect, including obtaining from third parties, record, systematize, accumulate, store, clarify (update, modify), extract, use, transfer (access), block, delete, destruct with or without the use of automation means my following personal data:

    • name, patronymic, surname

    • contact (communication) information (contact phone number; contact email address)

    • information on position, structural subdivision, and current place of employment

    • subject of appeal

    • text of the appeal

  3. The Operator shall have the right to transfer (provide) my personal data to certain categories of third parties in the composition and combination necessary to perform the relevant contracts (agreements) concluded between the Operator and third parties and/or for the Operator to comply with applicable laws, provided that third parties ensure confidentiality and security of personal data during their processing: third parties providing technical support for the website

  4. The period of Personal Data processing coincides with the period during which the Consent is in force. The Operator shall cease processing of Personal Data or ensure its termination by destroying Personal Data within a period not exceeding 10 (ten) working days from the date of discovering unjustifiable processing of Personal Data, and within a period not exceeding 30 (thirty) days:

    • from the date the Consent expires or from the date I revoke the Consent, unless otherwise provided by applicable law or an agreement between me and the Operator;

    • from the date on which the purpose of Personal Data processing is achieved or from the date on which it is no longer necessary to achieve that purpose;

    • from the date the liquidation or reorganization of the Operator is completed.

  5. I may refuse to give Consent in any form. I understand that my failure to provide Personal Data to the Operator, or my provision of inaccurate, incomplete, irrelevant Personal Data to the Operator, or my failure to notify (late notification) of changes to Personal Data may make it impossible to achieve the purpose of Personal Data processing stipulated by the Consent.

  6. I, by sending an appropriate appeal to the Operator at any time, shall have the right:

    • to receive detailed information about the processing of Personal Data stipulated by the Consent and the persons participating (entitled to participate) in such processing;

    • to demand clarification of personal data, blocking or destruction if personal data is incomplete, outdated, inaccurate, illegally obtained or unnecessary for achievement of the purpose of Personal Data processing stipulated by the Consent;

    • to withdraw the Consent in full or in any part, and/or demand termination of Personal Data processing.

  7. An appeal to the Operator shall be considered within 10 days of its receipt by the Operator, and shall be made in any of the following ways:

    • personal submission of a written appeal to the Operator's representative;

    • postal submission of a written appeal to the address of the Operator.

  8. The term of consideration of the appeal may be extended for 5 days in case the Operator has objective circumstances of inability to consider the appeal within 10 days. In this case the Operator shall notify me of extension of the term for consideration of the appeal and the reasons for such extension.

  9. An appeal to the Operator shall be made in any form, but it shall contain the following information:

    • information about the appearer (name, surname, patronymic - if any, name and number of the main identity document, information about the date of issue of the specified document and the issuing authority);

    • information confirming the fact of giving consent to the Operator for personal data processing by the appearer (name of the consent, date of the Consent, description of circumstances of giving the Consent and/or other information about the Consent);

    • description of the appeal subject (request for access to Personal Data; demand for clarification, blocking or destruction of Personal Data; full or partial withdrawal of the Consent; demand to stop processing of Personal Data);

    • date of the appeal and the signature of the appearer.

  10. I understand that full or partial withdrawal of the Consent, as well as termination of Personal Data processing stipulated by the Consent at my request may result in depriving the Operator of the possibility to carry out information communication with me. If I withdraw my Consent, the Operator will be entitled to continue processing all or some of my Personal Data without my Consent in order to perform the functions, powers and duties imposed on the Operator by the legislation of the Russian Federation, based on cl. 2 part 1 art. 6 of Federal Law dated 27.07.2006 No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data", as well as for exercising rights and legal interests of the Operator and/or third parties based on cl. 7 part 1 art. 6 of Federal Law dated 27.07.2006 No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data" provided my rights and freedoms are not violated.

  11. By ticking the box "I consent to the processing of my personal data" at I confirm:

    • that I freely, willingly and in my own interest decide to provide Personal Data and give my specific, substantive, informed, conscious and unambiguous Consent to the Operator as described above;

    • that I am of majority (age 18 or older) and have full civil capacity;

    • that the Personal Data that I provide to the Operator and/or persons authorized by the Operator are accurate, complete and up-to-date as of the date of their provision;

    • that when I provide information and/or documents containing Personal Data to the Operator and/or to persons authorized by the Operator, no infringement of applicable laws or the legitimate rights and interests of third parties is committed;

    • that I have read the terms of Personal Data processing and that I understand their content, including my rights as a subject of Personal Data, and the possible consequences of my refusal to give my Consent and/or withdrawal of my Consent;

    • that the Consent (its copies/text) and/or a description of the circumstances of my giving the Consent may be stored by the Operator and/or its authorized persons in any form (e.g. on paper, electronically) and may be made available to third parties having a justified interest as evidence of the fact of me giving the Consent to the Operator;

    • that the Consent is independent of any other (including similar) consents to the processing of personal data, if any have been and/or will be provided by me to the Operator, as well as if such consents have been and/or will be requested from me by the Operator;

    • that the Operator is entitled to process my personal data on the basis of one or more of my consents.